• Dan Cavallari

Writing prompt: I start, you finish

Stay creative! Here's a bit of a story I started and never finished. Let's collaborate! post your result in the comments below.

The rules:

1) No pornography

2) No misogyny

3) Violence is acceptable ONLY if it's relevant to the plot

4) Finished story must be between 700 and 1000 words


The river carved low between two steep banks and sometimes ran dry in the summer but Cassie loved the spot wet or dry. Brown grass crawled all the way up on both sides to dry land that used to be the plains but which now gave way to “progress”, a word Cassie took to mean blocky buildings housing loud machines and broken cars. Trees sprouted close to the low water which was still running in mid-October, the leaves a dull orange or red above, a faded version of what her school books told her autumn was supposed to be.

It was the only place here that she could think to love.

For days she had heard bits of conversation warning about high fire danger. The sun turned red through the haze of smoke from fires already burning. The itch in her eyes from the gray cloud of it felt expectant. What else could burn, she thought. The world here already looked scorched. There was only so much to give.

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