• Dan Cavallari

VeloNews Tech Podcast: The Keeper

Being the technical editor at VeloNews has its perks. High on that list is the ability to find the best and the most durable products in the cycling sphere. When I encounter those, you can bet they stay in my stable. This episode of the VeloNews Tech Podcast is dedicated to the Keeper — that bit of cycling gear that never dies, and comes with me on just about every ride.

Editorial director Ben Delaney and I decided to bring our favorites into the studio, to compare notes on what products have stood the test of time. We went into it blind — I didn’t tell Ben which products I chose, and he didn’t tell me which ones he chose — and it should come as no surprise that there was a bit of overlap.

Take a listen to hear all about what we chose and why we chose it. If you’re itching to start shopping right away, here’s our list of Keepers that we simply can’t do without.



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