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Tech Podcast: Evil’s Chamois Hagar shakes up gravel geometry

Evil Bikes created the Chamois Hagar to upend the gravel bike segment, and it may have done just that. Evil’s COO Jason Moeschler joins VeloNews tech editor Dan Cavallari in Scottsdale, Arizona to chat about this unique beast of a bike, and what it means for the gravel category.

Notably, the Evil Chamois Hagar offers a completely unique gravel bike geometry that looks an awful lot like a mountain bike, and for good reason: Evil is, after all, a mountain bike company. But Moeschler makes the case that a super-slack (66.67 degree) head tube angle and unheard-of 93mm trail figure makes a ton of sense on a gravel bike, especially when you pair it with a sloping top tube and a dropper post.

Cavallari spent three days riding the  Chamois Hagar in the desert outside of Scottsdale and has some insights to offer on the bike’s handling, especially with his background as a mountain bike rider. And while the Chamois Hagar may look like a mountain bike, the overall ride feel was surprisingly nimble, and it was easy to get into a power position for long, high-speed gravel road sections. That’s because the unique look of the bike hides some other surprising geometry choices that were made to ensure Evil’s gravel bike would appeal to riders exploring this relatively new segment after spending years on the pavement.

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