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Review: Canyon Ultimate CF Evo Disc 10.0 LTD

Here’s how good the Ultimate CF Evo Disc from Canyon is: I could only find two faults with it. One is the price, and that’s to be expected for a superbike like this. The other is the hardshell saddle, which hurt me to sit on but was replaced easily enough. Everything else about this bike seems just about perfect.

On paper, the bike’s feathery 13-pound build is the story. Climbers can immediately take delight in that, while the rest of us consider the tradeoffs: Is it noodly? What’s the handling going to be like? What about componentry — am I sacrificing performance for weight savings?

The Ultimate CF compromises nothing. While it may punch in the same weight class as stripped-down climbing bikes, it feels like much more than that. It’s super stiff, for starters, which means you get heaps of power transfer on climbs and during sprints.

It also means steering becomes predictable, and you’re not fighting any slop when you point the Ultimate CF where you want it to go. It’s pinpoint steering, sure, but you won’t get that sense of nervousness, like you’re wrangling a spooked kitty. The Ultimate responds to your light touch tactfully.

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