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Pro(moter) Bike Gallery: Rebecca Rusch’s Giant Revolt

It’s hard to mention gravel riding without thinking of the Queen of Pain, Rebecca Rusch. She’s a two-time winner of Dirty Kanza, and on top of that, she won the inaugural Dirty Kanza XL race, which runs 350 miles across some of the toughest gravel in Kansas.

Despite all that, Rusch’s race, Rebecca’s Private Idaho, is all about discovery. She wants you to come up and discover the charms of her home town, and adventure out into the wilderness to find a little bit of beauty — and a lot of shreddable singletrack. “I want people to have an adventurous experience,” she says. “When I found the course and went exploring, I lived in Idaho fifteen years and I’d never been in these areas. The whole idea is to show people what’s out there to see what’s possible on a bike.”


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