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Big Sugar — NWA Gravel Race to debut in Bentonville, October 2020

Gravel racing continues to boom, and Life Time – owner of Dirty Kanza and Leadville – just added another event to the 2020 calendar with Big Sugar — NWA Gravel. Bentonville, Arkansas has established itself as the newest mountain bike mecca, but Life Time believes the endless miles of gravel in Northwest Arkansas (that’s the NWA in NWA gravel) will make it a hotbed of drop-bar riding, too.

A lot of factors come together to make Big Sugar a promising addition to the gravel race scene. For starters, the Ozarks provide a stunning backdrop, with rolling green fields, scattered farmhouses, and fall foliage to die for.  And Bentonville is used to playing host to cyclists; the town itself has embraced the sport with open arms for years now, so gravel seems like a natural extension to the bustling mountain bike scene.


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