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Dan Cavallari, writer and editor

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Dan is one of those rare birds who has mastered a blend of skills that makes him uniquely qualified to tell a story on every level in a compelling and meaningful way.


I wrote a piece for the book, "E-Bike" about my travels through Europe and my days spent climbing the big climbs in Italy, Switzerland, and even Belgium. Be sure to check it out!

GQ Magazine: Tour de France cheating

Back in 2016 I was sitting in a press room at the Tour de France when I got a phone call from GQ asking me about motorized doping. As technical editor at VeloNews Magazine, I had seen the testing for motorized cheating in person. Here's the article that appeared on, with my quotes on the matter. 


Dan is an incredibly talented individual with a knack for creative storytelling and candid conversations. He can take complicated technology and simplify it informatively. With a broad range of expertise from endurance sports to food and beverage, Dan is a communication and content marketing machine. I love working with Dan, and looking forward to more projects in the future!

Alison Tetrick, Gravel Racer

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In among the chaos of Eurobike this week

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About Dan

Life bears repeating.

That's what stories are all about, right? 

Some of the stuff you'll find here on my site is nothing more than recollections. Other bits are about my professional life. The two intersect so often it's hard to tell the difference.

And that's what it's all about. Telling the story of life while you live it. 

I've got a camera, and I've got a pen and paper. Thanks for coming by to take in my stories. 


Dan lives outside Denver, Colorado with his wife and daughter. He's a big fan of bourbon, motorcycles, bicycles, and bbq.